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Grow Your Rich Gene is an ultimate transformation guide for everyone stuck in the vicious circle of failure and wants to grow to his greatness. The book is a complete transformation journey, mainly consisting of three transformational stages. Each stage is a growth level that ultimately leads you to become the best version of yourself and reach the ultimate glory.

Raising Awareness

At this stage, the book enables you to become self-aware. It guides you through the process of identifying your subconscious limits that are hindering your growth. This part provides you with a deeper understanding of the problems that have kept you from succeeding in life. After the identification, it addresses your problems and enables you to devise a way to grow out of your problems. Once you are out of your subconscious limits, it becomes easier for you to explore the opportunities around you. With a clearer vision, the books then guide you through your way to explore new horizons, chase and grab opportunities and make the best out of them. This stage is all about diminishing your older perspective and providing you with a new vision directed towards growth. Once the air is clear, the books move on to the next stage of growth.

Designing New Reality

With a fresh vision that is growth-oriented, the book moves on to the next stage of growth, i.e. designing new realities. The book guides you to say goodbye to the previous habits that set you back in life and welcome a new dawn of success. As the first stage focuses on breaking the subconscious false reality, the second stage focuses on building a new reality in which you are all set to become successful. This stage gives you the energy to hunt down your goals and confidence to keep going at a constant pace. This stage transforms your attitude towards challenges and your perspective towards success, setting you on the right track.

Conscious Growth

After setting you on the right track towards success in the second stage of growth, the book teaches you the ultimate mantra of success in the third stage. The third stage is all about the success journey. It focuses on teaching you how to aim for success and strategies towards achieving. Conscious growth means to keep you conscious and in control of your progress to know that where you are headed and how to take action to seize the opportunity and make the best out of it. The last step is the final nail in your failure's coffin, which ensures that you never miss your goal again in your life. To begin your transformation journey towards success, pre-book Grow Your Rich Gene now at...

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The book uses tangible examples and clear explanations of the problems and provides suitable solutions for the best understanding

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Rated 5 out of 5
February 3, 2021

The content of this book is so practical and understandable. It is very useful in my life.

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