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Being on a mission to help you break that cycle of poverty and self-limiting beliefs, I strongly believe that you don’t have to have a clear mind from the very start


On a mission to enable readers to find the true purpose in life, release the power within them, and fulfil their goals to turn their dreams into a beautiful reality.


Envisioned to enable the client to reach a better and more fulfilled life through continuous support and never-ending motivation.


This book is a perfect guide if someone wants to transform into a better version of themselves

Personal Story

What happens when A Villager Has Dreams?

Born in the small village of Namtumbo, Tanzania, and moving to Spain for further education, I found my purpose. After graduating, I pursued teaching as a full-time career because that is how you can influence someone and make others’ lives better. Having leadership and relationship building skills, I soon found that my students lacked in spiritual and personal development. It motivated me to help them overcome these issues.

My debut book, “Grow Your Rich Gene” explains that growth is inevitable and endless. This book is a perfect guide if someone wants to transform into a better version of themselves.

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We are offering an opportunity for you to benefit from all of the publicity that will be generated when we launch this book and a way for you to advertise in the book itself putting your company directly in front of the readers of this book.

You’ve NEVER seen anything like this before! Advertising in the back of a book! You will be shocked about how little this costs compared to the numerous benefits.We are doing a section at the back entitled, “Resources The Author Recommends”, and you can place an ad for your company in the back of the book, be seen at every point when the book and/or author is promoted or publicised.

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The book uses tangible examples and clear explanations of the problems and provides suitable solutions for the best understanding

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Rated 5 out of 5
February 3, 2021

The content of this book is so practical and understandable. It is very useful in my life.

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